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Integrate on-premise internal DNS zone with private DNS on Oracle OCI VCN.

Integrating your private DNS with Oracle OCI’s internal DNS can be very useful to extend the capabilities of your LAN in a hybrid cloud environment and facilitate the management of both infrastructures without increasing the workload for internal IT.

By leveraging the DNS endpoint provided by OCI, devices in the corporate LAN can reach resources in the cloud environment and vice versa, making service management and integration quick and easy.


  • Your on-premise LAN is connected in VPN with Oracle OCI cloud VCN
  • A private DNS server is correctly up and running into your on-premise LAN

How to integrate it in a few minutes?

  1. Create the DNS endpoint in Oracle OCI and create the rule for your private LAN domain.

Click on the DNS resolver within the VCN.

Create the two endpoints (one in listening mode to respond to requests from the LAN, and one in forwarding mode to transmit requests from OCI instances to your local DNS server).

Create the rule to set the private local domain to which requests will be forwarded to your private DNS server in your LAN (the destination IP address will be the address of your private DNS server on your LAN).

  1. Create a forward zone on your private LAN DNS server to forward requests from devices in the local LAN to the the listening endpoint on OCI.
  2. Don’t forget to create the corresponding firewall rules (local or cloud) to allow DNS traffic from/to your on-premise LAN. Default DNS requests use UDP protocol on port 53.


Now you can resolve, from a computer into your LAN, a FQDN of a resource on OCI and vice versa, without further management activities on the DNS servers.




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